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Episode 197: Tricia and the Boobs, Sue’s a Bad Daughter and Scott’s Laid Up.

We are nearing the end of our coverage of “Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger” by Bartimus Crotchety. In this episode we find out about Tricia’s banking experience and what happens to Scott just before the podcast begins.  And Sue’s Mom has an encounter with a hammer.  Then Sue shares a video with Tricia and we go WAY OFF TOPIC!  When we finally drag ourselves back, we learn about Christmas at the Malfoy’s, Rainbow Flaming Pudding and Moody in Paris.  The Umbridge Weed makes an appearance, she’s a keeper.  

Video Tricia Watches
Also in this podcast:

~Halloween costumes
~Grandma Weasley
~No pants
~Tell a teacher
~New ears
~Weasley jumper
~Moody’s book

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’24’00


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