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Episode 201: Hermione Haunting Hogwarts

Here’s the end of our coverage of “Shadow Walks”  by lorien829.
In this one we find Hermione, but is she our Hermione? We go off topic with fruit flies and Cal Worthington and his dog Spot. We do find that we are excited by the many worlds that are out there; Tricia even has a world where she’s with Snape. We almost get to see the trial where Draco gets what’s coming to him. We hope you enjoyed this story and encourage you to read the next one which is Hermione’s story. It’s still a WIP, but we hope it will be finished soon.

Also in this podcast:

~Where’s Ryan?
~Truth Potion
~Voldy Kills Harry
~It’s a trap
~Bananas for breakfast
~Harry’s glasses break-again
~Going fast
~Surprise witness
~The kiss

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’14’54


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