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Episode 189: If Not for Tribbles, Sue Wouldn’t Be Here Now

This is the end of our coverage of “Soul Bound ” by LJ user Sarhea. In this episode, Sue’s been at the lake, Rachel hasn’t slept and Scott tells of the goodness of aloe. Sue messes up an episode title, it’s not Trouble with Tribbles, oops. In the story we follow along as Vulcan is attacked and Hermione tries to hide the planet. Along the way we find out that Spock approves, Harry gets rewarded and Luna is in a deep sleep. We all enjoyed the story, even those of us who didn’t think we would. Tune in next time for a one shot about Teddy Lupin.

Also in this podcast:

~Doctor Who
~Fast tracking
~Spock’s emotions
~”I can do it.”
~Tribble Bunnies

Hosts: Sue, Scott,
Special Guests: Rachel
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’43’52


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