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Episode 187: Kat’s a Dealer and She Whips Things!

Tonight we begin a three part series on “Soul Bound ” by LJ user Sarhea. This is our first crossover story, featuring Harry Potter and Star Trek. In this episode Kat is whipping things, Scott’s coming to visit and Sue complains about her plumbing. In the story, Q decides to change history by introducing Spock to Hermione. The Weasleys are not our friends and Hermione uses her Mary Poppins Charm. We hope you enjoy this one, we had a lot of fun covering it.

Also in this podcast:

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~Hermione’s Dreams
~Luna’s helpful
~Tiddly Winks = Stonehenge
~Goggle Diary
~Spy Cams
~Magical Earrings
~Magic Ball

Hosts: Sue, Scott,
Special Guests: Kat
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’36’43


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