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Episode 180: This Podcast is Brought to You by Mike’s!

In our second episode of “A Better Man ” by Valandar; we laugh at Ron’s use of a phone, applaud the pranking war and wonder what’s up with Albus. This is a two woman podcast that starts with Sue and Tricia geeking out over some Star Wars books that Sue saw at a party. Tricia shares her near death experience and says it’s not the first time her brother caused mayhem. We spend a little time learning to play the game “Go.” It’s too hard for us, but Ron would love it. Sue has had a chance to correspond with Valendar and he’d like to tell everyone, he’s a man!!

Book of the Sith

Book of the Jedi

Video (not the one we watched, but you can see what they do)

Also in this podcast:

~April fools
~Girl fight over Justin Bieber
~Anni – Get it?
~No smash bugs
~RIP Richard Griffiths
~Quick overview
~No rubber arm
~Pay phones
~Way to go, Ron
~Snape to the rescue
~DA – out of breath

Hosts: Sue, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’38’05


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