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Special Edition 38: He’s a Guy, Blow Up Dolls and Mary Sue

In this special edition we interview Valandar the author of “A Better Man ”. He listened to all our podcasts and took lots of notes, then he agreed to come on and talk to us. He was a little late to the party so we start out with Tricia, Sue and Scott, just chatting. We hadn’t talked in ages, so we didn’t lack for topics. Sue also invited LupinPatronus, from Mugglenet AudioFictions to come in for a bit. Valandar, who asked us to call him Bill arrived and we started the podcast. We hope you enjoy our interview.

Also in this podcast:

~He’s a guy!
~Black currants
~Milkman = creepy
~Vernon gay?
~Draco the Hufflepuff
~Ghost business
~Evanna Lynch

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Special Guests: LupinPatronus, Valandar, “call me Bill.”
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’28’07


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