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Episode 193: Snape Wears Black Silk Jammies and a Grin

We are finishing up our discussion “In Care Of” by Fang’s Fawn. In this episode we see what happens to Harry when Vernon gets mad.  Warning, we talk frankly about child abuse and may get a little graphic.  We come up with several ideas for fan art – please make them for us.  Pee features in our discussion tonight, not once but twice.  We enjoy watching Snape have a change of heart in this story.  We hope you enjoyed the story and our discussion of it.
Also in this podcast:

~Sue’s trees
~Scott’s adventures
~Snape’s change of heart
~Harry has no trust for adults
~No lips
~Fertilizing the flowers
~Not even Fs
~Tricia appears
~Daddy Voldie
~You bit me!!

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: Kat
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’58’57


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