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Episode 179: Underwater Hosts, Leprechauns and Stopping the Floo

We are beginning a new story this week, join us as we find out what would happen if Vernon was “A Better Man ” by Valandar. As we start off,Tricia is waiting for the other shoe to drop, Jenny’s off to Uni and Sue is almost recovered. We find Vernon dead, but a wish from Harry changes that. Can it also change how Harry gets along with his family? Tricia is sure it won’t work out, but Sue is a bit more optimistic. Let’s see what happens when Harry is raised in a family surrounded by love.

Also on this podcast:
~Mud races
~Fuse boxes
~Burst eardrums
~The Milkman
~Fuzzy Father
~Tricia playing for shame.
~Bigger on the inside

Hosts: Sue, Tricia,
Guest Hosts: Jenny
Time: 1’21’25


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