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Episode 174: The Runt to The Boy to Just Harry

We begin Season 6, with Marge taking over the care of both Dudley and Harry after the Dursely’s are in a car accident in “My Nephew Harry” by Lucillia.  We start out with our regular difficulties: Sue’s computer dies, Rachel’s skype won’t work and Tricia is underwater. We find out that Dudley isn’t the angel Marge thought he was and the Runt isn’t quite as bad. Harry is happy to get one meal a day and he loves the puppies. Marge sees magic and comes up with an answer that makes sense for her. There are a few bumps along the way, but overall we really enjoy seeing this side of Marge. We are looking forward to see what’s going to happen when Dumbledore finds out what’s going on. Come back next time to see what happens.

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Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Scott, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Rachel
Time: 1’14’27


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