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Episode 202: Frog Kisses and Toad’s List of Loathes

This is the last podcast of Season 6, so we made it a double.  Here we have two stories by St Margarets: “The Frog Prince of Slytherin” and “A Toad of a Hero.” We have a return of Kayla’s Bistro as Rachel makes coffee and cleans the kitchen.  We learn some Pittsburgese from Tricia.  Moving on to the first story, we watch Luna and Theo find each other, and we have a surprise guest when Antosha joins the crew.  We spend some time at the end talking about his stories too.  Then we move on to Toad of a Hero, where we follow Trevor during The Final Battle.  He is a hero too.

We will be taking a short break before Season 7 begins.  If you want to know what we are covering check out Potterficweekly.com Season 7.  

If you’d like to hear our coverage of The F Series, you’ll find it here.

Also in this podcast:

~Yins and jagoffs
~No porta john
~Share your plate
~Drying spell
~Frog stroke
~Missing undies
~Female Thestral
~Sue is punny
~Trevor loathes…
~Randy Mandrakes

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Rachel and Antosha
Editor: Sue
Time: 3’09’01


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