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Episode 147: Hufflepuffs, Magic and He’s Harry!!

Here is our second installment of the Harry Potter series by Bear. In this one, “Harry Potter: Connections“, we watch as Adam and Ginny work through the aftermath of the Chamber of Secrets and follow Remus as he traces Adam’s steps to see who this mystery student really is. Along the way, we get lost talking about weddings, fics, lakes, shoes and cats and that’s just in the first 19 minutes. Sue squees some more about the JK Rowling Room where she’s going to spend the night. You can see pictures of that stay here. Kelly joins the Hufflepuff crew a little late, but we are happy to have her along. We find that the hosts like to read ahead, giggle at Pouwanian quotes in canon and hate laundry.

We will be doing one more story by Bear, and then we encourage you to finish the series on your own.

Also in this Episode:

~Don’t breathe
~Muggles & Minions
~Voldie’s POV
~Tricia Predicts
~Cricket 101
~Don’t break the wand
~Book quotes
~Oliver love
~Bloody Malfoy
~Rugby minutes
~Water fights

Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Kelly
Guest Host: Oliversgal
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’44’22


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