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Episode 148: Choices, Still No Name and The Pittsburghers!!

This is our last episode on the Harry Potter series by Bear. This one is “Harry Potter: Revelation“. We encourage you to finish the series on your own if you’ve enjoyed our coverage of it. (I just checked and the last one, Sacrifice, has not been finished yet). In this episode, Sue loves Trica and OG, Tricia goes to the dark side and brings cookies and OG has a plot bunny. We also find that Peter may be smarter than anyone gives him credit for, Boggarts get tortured and JKR has met a Time Lord at some point in her life. Oh and the Pittsburgher’s take over the podcast, then fight. Really, we don’t plan these things, they just happen when no one is looking. Part way through, we are interrupted by Twilight. I’m telling you we don’t make this stuff up.

Also in this Episode:

~Finish Line Moved
~No Baseball
~Too Many Mary Sues
~Disembodied swoosh
~World Cup
~Bigger on the inside
~In Mac’s basement
~Rob’s in Portland
~Skipped with excitement
~Scott, man of reason
~Clue, HP style
~Hunger Games

Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Scott
Guest Host: Oliversgal
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’04’43


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