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Episode 146: Harry, I Mean Adam and Don’t Mess with Ginny

We are happy to bring you the first story in the Harry Potter series by Bear.  In this one  “Harry Potter: Lost,” we see Godric’s Hollow through Voldemort’s eyes, meet Adam and see what happens in the Chamber of Secrets when Fawkes doesn’t come to the rescue. Along the way we discuss bad fic, alohomora, bad Dumbledore and hospital beds. Tricia revisits Edgecombe, Kelly rants about book banning and Sue lets the dogs out. We hope to get you hooked on this series, we are going to cover the first three books, then you will be on your own.

Also in this episode:
~Pirate Bears
~Lost words
~PS predicts
~Deth hasn’t read
~Hi Kelly
~Snake bombs – again
~Tom did it

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Kelly
Guest Host: PS
Special Guests: Deth
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’57’30


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