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Episode 127: BreathCast, Brain Bleach and then there’s Maude

In this episode we talk about “Secrets” by our very own Jules. We have two, well three if you count Darth, special guests. Even though our two special guests are old hands, we still have our troubles as we find that someone is breathing a little too much, Tricia is attacked by the Loch Ness Monster and Sue’s lost control of the podcast. We also revisit our discussion of “who’s on top” from our PeonCast days. There is a lot of love and laughter in this one, not to mention the breathing, lots and lots of breathing. And did we mention the “in laws?”

Jules has also written “Sisters” This wasn’t really written to go along with Secrets, but it does, so give it a read too.

Also in this episode:
~Who is Bob Hufflepuff
~Hat joins the Cast
~Poufwa: The Religion
~Fun Facts
~The Perfect Man
~Meet Dave
~TV Trays

Hosts: Sue, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Ryan, Julia
Special Guest: Darth Vader
Editors: Lady Cat (Classic), Scott
Time: 1:25:18


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