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Episode 128: We are Melting, Sue stabs cereal and Hogwarts Rumor Control

In this episode we begin our series on”Points of No Return” by Night Zephyr. In this episode, everyone is HOT so ignore any random fan noises you may hear, we decided it was better to have noise than to melt. We revisit Pansy the Garden Gnome and Super Soul-Mate Powers. We find out that Kelly and Sue are old and it was Tricia’s birthday. We say that we’ll release this episode for her half birthday, but alas, she’s already past her next years birthday. Yes, we are that late getting this out. A Very Potter Sequel spoilers abound, but it’s been a year so spoiler time is up. We have a good time with this and hope you will too.

Also in this episode:
~ Text reader fail
~Good Dog
~Ouch – Claws
~Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…
~The Dead Ones
~Ron has a temper
~Yay Neville!!
~Train Wreck

Hosts: Sue, Kelly
Guest Host: Ryuu
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’49’56


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