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Episode 126: Investigations, Interviews, Hostile Hufflepuffs, and Hell freezes over in Pittsburgh.

Today in PuffCast, we finish up our discussion of “Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard” by FernWithy. We revisit explosive topics such as Yellowstone and Susan Bones, reference both Star Trek and the Muppets at once, and there’s juuust a little bit of sports.  Tricia and OG are FANGIRLS, Scott has a visiting ghost and Sue is distracted by “The Talk.”  We do talk about the last chapters of Teddy Lupin, where we learn about the Charmer and what’s in that interesting ivy in the forest.  As we near the final chapter, our discussion becomes increasingly focused and incisive–and then Kelly joins us, and the tangents ride forth once more.

Then, Fernwithy joins us for an interview, once we overcome our technical difficulties.  Interesting discussion ensues, which includes further fangirling, forum promotion, and Oliversgal’s thoughts on the redemption of House Scrimgeour.

We encourage you to check out more of Fern’s stories “here.”  Tricia particularly recommends Shifts and Shades, and Teddy’s own story continues in alternating years.  Not to mention Albus Potter and the horde of Hermiones.

Also in this episode:

  • Honoria Higgs, mini-Rita
  • Various sorts of letters
  • Maply shenanigans
  • Frankie in a funk – the anti-Riddle
  • Pronunciations clarified
  • Filch’s new kitten
  • Granny Andi’s scandalous book
  • Owls, a cat and Sue’s contractor
  • OG vs. LJ
  • The risks of dice-rolling
  • Cultural differences
  • Harry the Hufflepuff
  • Madam Rosmerta’s persnickety ghost
  • A fiery finale in the Forest

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Tricia
Guest Host: Oliversgal
Special Guest: FernWithy
Editors: Sue and Scott
Time: 3:40:02


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