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Episode 213: Why Are We Killing Santa?

This is our second installment of “Hogwarts Houses Divided” by Inverarity. In this one we tell jokes, talk about the weather in Boston and turn into pirates. In the story more wands have gone missing. Teddy tries to be a good friend, inter-house relations deteriorate and no one listens. This story is heating up – we find what might be stealing the wands, but we still have no idea why.

Also in the podcast:
Scott’s having a party
Sue’s 911 fail
Hair Growing Jinx
Exploding toilets
Boy who cried wolf
“I’m gonna jump”
Neville is special
Wand alarms
Kissing cousins

Hosts: Sue and Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Edited by: Sue
Total run time 2’01’48


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