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Episode 212: Don’t Call Strangers

This podcast begins a story recommended by one of our listeners. In “Hogwarts Houses Divided” by Inverarity we follow Teddy Lupin and a group of friends as they try to overcome the bitterness that divides the houses. We start off with a last minute addition of Moony to the podcast. While waiting for Moony, Sue and Scott talk Boston weather and cats. In the story, we find the Sorting Hat to be fed up and placing people in the wrong houses. Wands are mysteriously disappearing around the school and Slytherins are blamed. Will the four friends figure out what’s happening? Read along with us and find out.

Also in the podcast:
Fighting alpacas
Mike from the past
Snakes in a box
Interhouse cooperation

Hosts: Sue and Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Edited by: Sue
Total run time 1’36’53


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