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Episode 214: Tricia’s Computer is Moaning Myrtle

This is the third installment of “Hogwarts Houses Divided” by Inverarity. In this episode, the DA begin to take on the Zero Tolerance rules. Harry steps into the role of godfather, and Hermione encourages Teddy’s protest against the school’s unfairness. Meanwhile, the house elves take a vacation.

Also in the podcast:

Tonight’s episode brought to you by drowsiness
We say goodbye to Leonard Nimoy
A clean game of Quidditch is boring
Hogwarts is pink
Wand Restrictions
Slughorn saves Teddy
Professor Binns surprises his students
Alan Rickman and koalas.

Hosts: Sue & Tricia
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Cora
Total runtime: 1’58’11


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