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Episode 154: Be Careful… What Fanfiction You Write

Here is our fifth(!) marathon episode of, “Be Careful” by Anne B. Walsh.

While Sue is finally well again, Kat has been spinning out as she enters the last stint of life as she knows it in Undergraduate school. She’s hilarious when she’s not on sleep, ladies and gentlemen, so we decided to give you a double-episode of it!

This episode was recorded almost a year ago, so we’re talking about Christmas and Finals and presents. We hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage of Be Careful (and we reiterate that if you haven’t, don’t worry, we’re starting Shifts by FernWithy in two weeks) – we’ve certainly enjoyed covering it, even though it took up three long months. We will also be releasing an author interview with Anne Walsh herself in the next couple weeks.

We remind you that Sue’s email address has changed to Sue@Poufwa.com.

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Sue literally killed Kat making her edit these, but she still wishes you all enjoy it, show notes or not – she didn’t write any because she’s dead (which is code for, instead of making show notes, the editor decided watching reruns of Cold Case was more important).
Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Hosts: Kat, Moony
Editor: Kat
Time: 4:17:57

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