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Special Episode 34: Anne is Evil, Bald Draco and Phil threatens to Sing

Last week, hosts and guest hosts sat down to talk with Anne B. Walsh about her original work, Dangerverse and Be Careful. We had such long podcasts on the series, Anne didn’t have a chance to listen to all of them, but she does have a few comments on them. We find it’s fun to be able to ask her questions and get an answer that makes sense. She tells us that we are smarter than we think and that the original podcasters on Dangerverse and the podcasters on Be Careful have a wild theory that’s actually right. Who knew we were so on top of things? Anne has her sister and roommate pop in and there’s an annoying buzzing, I think it’s a really big fly. In the meantime, Phil is convinced the butterbeer in the UK is much better than ours, there are pets everywhere and we play with words. We hope you enjoy our discussion, we sure did.

Also in this Episode:

~10 Chapter Fluff Fic
~Phil is a fanboy
~New English Words
~Rockin Earthquakes
~Go on vs. Goon
~dirty water Anne off
~No music but tea
~Do the dishes
~Only one headset
~Agree to Disagree

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Kat, Moony, Phil
Special Guests: Anne, Toni, Krystal
Editor: Sue
Time: 1:56:06


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