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Episode 153: She shells, squishy moments, and the idiot ball of doom

Here is our fourth marathon episode of, “Be Careful” by Anne B. Walsh. It’s been a long journey, but we refuse to stop this ride! Through the deep discussion of plot holes of canon and the much-debated trace, we here at Poufwa are plowing through the next set of chapters with startling on-topic discussion. Moony is singing songs, Kat is talking about math and computer science, Scott’s doing impressions, and Sue is driving this podcast while still sick. Kudos to Sue!

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Show notes:
The evil speech of evil
Squishy moments
Wizard GPS
Sue corrects our canon
Siblings and sex lives
Scott invokes the idiot ball of doom
Story and canonical timelines
Celebrities and children’s names
War and the tragedy of death
Future babies and family
Neville’s perceptive about Draco
Neville and Draco shake hands
Fawkes the phoenix doesn’t make house calls
Ron drop-kicks Peter
Snape… has arrived
Kat likes when 2+2=4 (but admits it sometimes equals 5)
Harry and Remus are drunk
Kat just lets it slide
Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Hosts: Kat, Moony
Editor: Kat
Time: 4:15:12

I like computers. They are shiny.

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