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Episode 152: Kat’s high, Baby Dementors, and Sam Gamgee’s got Voldemort

Here is our third marathon episode of, “Be Careful” by Anne B. Walsh. For the first half of this episode, Sue apparently has the cold that would not end and Kat’s got a fever of 101.8 and is operating on no sleep because it’s midterms, but we are determined to truck through the chapters regardless! During the second half we add Scott, Sue is still sick, and we all fear Scarlett’s brain. We still express our love for Dragon Charlie and are very concerned about what’s underneath Draco’s robes.

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Show notes:
Miyazaki is awesome – but the Catbus won’t give Death Eaters fare
Kat isn’t a robot, nor a Vulcan (she might be a cold, heartless bitch)
We discuss The Podcast Rules
The Hufflepuff podcast secret
Dark-side cookies and Charlie in a towel
Kat’s more entertaining than the Bad!Fic podcast
We debate the source of one’s patronus
Dementor reproduction (yes, we’re serious. we talk Baby Dementors) – including human/Dementor relations
Wand shaking
Dementor preschool
A return of the robes conversation: Underwear questions and ‘basilisk fangs’
Snape and Undead Snape
Draco is a Slytherin and learns things
Luna has read Deathly Hallows and Draco’s mocking Harry
Ginny joins the crew and Harry has a saving people thing still 
Frying pans vs. Voldemort
Startling revelations:
Kat has kids
Scarlett raises the artistic value of the podcast
Sue is still sick
A few pictures too! Credit for these go to Kiubez Undermann and Brthr Arnold respectively
Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Hosts: Kat, Moony, Scarlett
Editor: Kat
Time: 5:01:57

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