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Episode 143: Lions, Werewolves and Rats, Oh My!

In tonight’s episode we continue our Remus/Hermione story, “This Time Around,” by Disneydoll0424. We learn that Tricia’s son is at Hogwarts, Sue plays with lions, Kat wants a Poufwa meet up and Kelly’s hot… again. We also discover that there is werewolf prejudice, a break in at Hogwarts, and the Potters are missing. Along the way, Sue can’t remember which girl she’s talking about, Lily or Hermione. We also throw in Star Trek, Pottermore, Quantum Leap and Elvendork. Yes, we are all over the map on this one. Near the end, Kat mentions that the author, Disneydoll0424, may have left the fandom, but Sue has found her and even has some author comments for the last podcast in this series.

We give special thanks to Dethryl for being the schmuck who had to edit this originally four hour long podcast.

Along the way:
~Tricia’s dating advice
~”I’m a lumberjack”
~Oh Boy!
~Vocab with Kelly
~Pets, pets and more pets
~Kelly rants

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Kat
Editor: Dethryl
Time: 2’53’30


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