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Episode 142: Time Travel, Weasley Jumpers and Peter Hate

We are starting an new story this week, “This Time Around,” by Disneydoll0424. Join us as we travel back in time with Hermione and watch while she works to change history as we know it. She also falls in love with one of the Marauders and in like with another. We discuss “the grandfather paradox”, “take me to your leader” and “that special place.”
We really like the characterization of Peter in this, but we don’t like Peter at all. We have some of our usual off topic banter, but try really hard to keep to the story. Also in this episode Sue has a squeaky chair, Kelly doesn’t have power and Kat thinks “that’s bull!”

Along the way:
~Sue’s not sane
~Sirius Lupin
~Experimental Potions
~Kelly is lost
~Tricia tells us how she feels
~Redo fics

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Kat
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’33’12


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