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Episode 140: Kat’s Toasted, Deep Fried Twinkies and Ask Hat!

We finish our coverage of “A Conspiracy of Cartographers – In the Beginning” by pica scribit with this podcast, but we encourage you to go read more of Pica’s stories.  In this episode we enjoy watermelon with Scott, ask, “Where’s Kat?” and find out Kelly is MIA.  And that’s in just the first few minutes.  

Stay tuned at the end of our discussion for an author interview with Pica, where we find out she’s a magpie, she isn’t a Twilight fan and she likes to procrastinate.

Also in this episode:
~Where do Werewolves go?
~Weird sounds
~Chaffing potion
~I’m a werewolf
~Quidditch infomercial
~Sirius and James break up
~Blame it on the Mikes
~Scott’s never had one
~Kelly found

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Kat
Interview: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Deth
Special guest: Pica
Editor: Sue
Time: 3’03’10


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