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Episode 139: Pee Magic, SquirrelMort and PS is Intoxicated

Wow, we are starting our fifth season. It seems like just yesterday Melindaleo encouraged me to listen to a podcast she was on and now I’m one of the hosts. It boggles the mind. But now I’m “off topic” so I’ll “focus” and come back to the fic in question. Today we are covering “A Conspiracy of Cartographers – In the Beginning” by pica scribit. This is a Marauder fic, which makes some of us happy. We find that Greyback is a child molester, Remus is the invisible boy and Molly is saucy. There are plot bunnies, broom lessons and magical weed. And we have a drinking game, but we don’t tell you when to “take a shot” – that’s our little secret.

Also in this episode:
~Stuff is useful
~The Lost Room
~Logic puzzles
~Tricia’s funny sound
~GPS = lost
~We apologize to the UK
~House points
~Brain Damage
~Kissing Book
~Pink slip
~Magical clipboards
~Too drunk for math
~Scott’s refreshing
~Slytherin stew

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Deth, PS
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’08’01


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