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Episode 134: Bare Feet, Not HARRY! and Kill The Wall

Kelly and Sue are really excited to bring you “Away From The Sun” by cibjasfad.  The other hosts jump on the band wagon pretty quick, PS read the entire story in just two sittings, she couldn’t put it down.  This was recorded well over a year ago and it’s dated as we talk about the DH1 trailer and our predictions on where it’s going to split.  Also in this long ago episode we find out about Ryan and Jen’s adventure on Melinda’s boat.  I know it’s old stuff, but it’s classic, I had to leave it in.  And speaking of Melinda, we’d really like her to read this story.  If you haven’t read this yet, we strongly recommend you read it before listening to us or you’ll be spoiled and you really don’t want to have that happen.  Oh and we strongly recommend you heed the tissue warning.  

Also in this episode:
~We love author’s notes
~Sue can say, Andi
~3 Doors Down
~The music makes Kelly cry
~Predictions: Tricia is afraid to make
~Quidditch is [i]just [/i]a game
~Slughorn make PS happy
~Twin stories
~Food prep is helpful
~Ron says, “Poor Me.”
~What does Hogwarts tell parents?

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: PS
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’47’16


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