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Episode 133: Kelly’s Musical Trip Down Memory Lane and Ron Needs a Cape

As we close out our coverage of “Points of No Return” by Night Zephyr, we learn that Evil Overlords should not monologue, Neville could save the day (with Mike, the Venomous Tentacula’s help) and Sue’s thinking of the game Mouse Trap. We also find out that Lord Tom lies, Harry just wants to be killed already and Ron needs an orange superhero cape with a big C for Champion on it. Along the way we give you a lesson in text readers and hope to convert at least a few of you to the listening side. But most of all, we learn that the shirt tells the story.

Stay tuned at the end of this episode for an interview with Night Zephyr.

Also in this episode:
~Tug of War with Harry
~Tears, Hugs, and Weasleys
~Time Warp
~Weasley Train
~Missing Sock
~Wet Draco
~Voldie’s Old
~All Grandmas are Magic
~Dead Cow scar

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Special Guest:  Night Zephyr
Editor: Wayne
Editor: Sue for the interview


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