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Episode 129: Anger Management, Sending an Owl and Cannons Win!!

In this our second episode of “Points of No Return” by Night Zephyr, we start at Hogwarts and travel to watch the Cannon’s play Quidditch in Ireland.   In this episode, Kelly can read minds, Ryuu has the Hogwarts Express crash through her yard, and my cat crashes the podcast. In between trying to figure out how often a Phoenix burns and making our own euphemisms, we cringe at what Voldie is doing to his snake!

And just what is Fred doing in the woods?

Also in this episode:
~Dog in a Tux
~Phone options
~What was that?
~Poor Neville
~”Bless You”
~Ryuu is Mini Scott
~Deep voiced Voldie

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott
Guest Host: Ryuu
Editor: Ryan
Time: 1’35’04


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