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Episode 75 – The Return of Jen, Chi, and not so much Horace

Episode 75 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Classic Poufwa fans rejoice! We are pleased to announce the return of Jen and Chi to PotterFicWeekly!

For like an hour.

Jen celebrates her long awaited return to Poufwa by taking a seven week hiatus after this episode, and Chi’s voicemail and I are still on a first name basis. Never fear. Jen brought the kid!

In what is possibly the shortest episode in the history of PotterFicWeekly, our hosts discuss Chapters 25-38 of Backward with Purpose, by Deadwoodpecker, weighing in on their fresh thoughts of the fic as a whole, the Weasley’s betrayal, Neville’s thoroughly depressing trip to Azkaban, the shocking lack of Horace Slughorn, the normal excitement factor present in microbiology, and weigh in on when Jen should conceive her second child!

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Rinna, LadyChi, PS, Mike, Classic Jen
Special Guest Stars: Baby Lee
Editor: Omly
Episode Length: 1’20’44


Do the best you can for as long as you can. Remember that all may yet be well. Don't be afraid.

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