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Episode 74 – Deep Poufwanians always and always love AU, frowning…

Episode 74 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

This evening, we resume our analysis of Backward with Purpose, by Deadwoodpecker and cover Chapters 16 through 24.

We get deep. We’re rowdy. We talk about the origins of time and destiny. It’s like college in here!

I can’t make sense of the author’s name and call half of the characters disloyal. Well, at least Molly and Hermione.

While we’re on the subject, President Laura Roslin has a few things to say about Molly Weasley’s parenting skills. She’s coming for all of you!

Melindaleo, back from accusing Susan Bones of being a communist, is sadly in complete denial of her addiction to AU.

PS is utterly charming, but read the fic and sequel in one sitting and may need a catheter.

On that note, happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Mike, PS, Cody, Melinda
Special Guest Stars: Colonel Sherman Potter, Loswen
Editor: Wayne
Episode Length: 2’33’50


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