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Episode 70 – Was Double Door a Healer Magic Touching Dude…Also?


Episode 70, a PotterFicWeekly double feature, has been released!

Tonight’s double-length podcast covers Chapters 1-16 and 17-30 of LavenderBrown’s The Final Reckoning!

Included in tonight’s podcast:

– A poignant message from Kezza regarding the devastating fires in Australia.

– Distracting humor about human excrement!

– Professor Hopkirk: Role model from Hell or just a really good shot?

– Dumbledore’s Retirement. What part of “leave office” are you missing?

– Poufwa GPS: Where does the Head Boy really sleep?

– The unexpected loss of a legend.

Any feedback/comments/voicemails covering tonight’s podcast or chapters can be emailed directly to ryan@potterficweekly.com.

This two-parter is rated R, and while it is available to the public without password, it may not be suitable for younger readers.

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Kezza, PS, Mike, Rinna, Jen2, Kronkk, Sue
Editor: Kezza and Omly
Episode Length: 3’37’39


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