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Episode 69 – Significant glances, warring Hufflepuffs, and boobies


Episode 69 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tonight, PotterFicWeekly presents presents the the second of six podcasts discussing LavenderBrown’s The Book of Morgan Le Fey, where we analyze Chapters 22-41! At this time, we would like to apologize profusely to the listeners who reported falling off their treadmills at the gym during the listening of Episode 68. Heh.

Topics on the docket for this evening:

…Susan Bones: Friend or Foe. She’s like Britney Spears. We can’t help ourselves.

…The characterization of Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, and Hermione’s breasts!

…The villification of dear, sweet, June-cleaver Melindaleo. By us.

…We critique Eddie the non-Crane’s burial arrangements. We’re very dark.

…Roundtable on Ron’s first time!

Any feedback/comments/voicemails covering tonight’s podcast or chapters can be emailed directly to ryan@potterficweekly.com. Episode 70 will begin our four podcast series covering The Final Reckoning.

The sequel to The Book of Morgan Le Fey. Ron, Hermione and Harry are going into their seventh year at Hogwarts, determined to defeat Voldemort once and for all. Ron’s learning to use his new skills, and Harry gets a second chance at love. But the girl he falls for may be special in more ways than one, and she could be a perfect target for the Dark Lord. Rated R for language, violence and sexual situations.

This two-parter is rated R, and while it is available to the public without password, it may not be suitable for younger readers.

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Rinna, Kezza, Sue, Scott
Editor: Kezza
Episode Length: 1’52’41


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