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Episode 241: $14 and a Loaf of Bread

We give you the third installment of “Oh God Not Again” by Sarah1281. Kat introduces Poufwa to a friend, Team Arrow to the rescue and undergarments.  In the story we find that Harry and Luna attend the Mandrake party, Dobby spills the beans and the scar is wrong.  We also have a Herbology lesson with Sue and remember Alan Rickman. This story makes us laugh and we hope it’s making you laugh too.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Neville, the sensible one
Canada PSA
Where?s my broom?
My Scar
I?m Harry Potter
He?s Sirius Black
One heck of a con man
Poor Snape

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Kat
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2’16’00


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