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Episode 240: Three Hat Songs and a Map

In this episode we continue our adventures with “Oh God Not Again” by Sarah1281. Kat, our long lost podcaster and friend, has returned to the podcast and has found to her amusement that she’s still in the intro. Sue reviews some new books she’s reading. And then we talk about BMs. Yes, this podcast has gone “there.” In the story, Harry provides new brooms, Ron has a clue and Lockhart has a quiz. Draco is the “love child” of Snape and Sissy. This fic is pure crack and we are enjoying every funny bit of it.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Book reviews
Snarky Fanboy
Harry drives
I order you not to kill Harry
53 chances
JK, We need the sorting song
Howler inventer
Kat’s playing Russian Roulette
Card sharps
A map would be nice
Squaty Potty
Loop holes
You make no sense.
Devil Child

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: Kat
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2’21’21


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