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Episode 224: A Bernard for Every House

This is Tricia’s pick for the season. We hope you enjoy our discussion of “Lesson For Life” by by Caitlyn. The first few minutes pay tribute to the Sparks Nevada Martial on Mars podcast, which you can find at The Thrilling Adventure Hour. We also find that it’s the “day of the animals” and that the earth is moving. Sue’s not as good at predictions as she used to be. In the story, we hate the Dursley’s even more than before. Dudley has the wife he deserves and Harry gets a precious gift. Scarlett may even growl.

Also in this episode:

Cream soda
Pickle man
Banana man
Scarlett’s happy
Scott’s the tart
Chicks escape
Wind Chimes
Ghost cats
Does not compute

Hosts: Sue, Scott,
Guest Host: Scarlett
Editor: Sue
Total Runtime: 1’36’05


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