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Episode 223: We Interrupt this Podcast for a Fire!!!

Join us for a fun investigation into “The Case of the Missing Kittens” by therealsnape. A case of Muggle baiting turns into something more as the investigative team of “Bones and McGonagall, Girl Detectives” takes on the case. Some of our favorites show up and one not so favorite who gets his “just desserts.” Along the way, Sue practices to be Darth Vader while Scarlett and Tricia listen to the voices in their heads. Bones and McGonagall go looking for the missing kittens and find much more than they expect, including coffee punch cards, book stores and darts. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did. Oh and “it was only one Mikes, I swear!!!”

Also in this episode:

Scarlett X 3
Tone people out.
50 Anniversary of the Head Start Act
Murder Mystery
Flirting with the boss
Pot Pie 101
Scarlett builds
Thank you Ryan
Baby names
She’s a Gumshoe
Muggle baiting
Sanity is overrated
Girl Detectives
Scarlett gets a book
Purple pages
“a gentleman friend”
Mundungus the skunk
Comfort food

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: Scarlett
Editor: Sue
Total Runtime: 1’17’52


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