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Episode 172: Kat’s a Cannibal, Tricia’s a Zombie and Deth Signs his Name in the Snow

This ends our discussion of “Vox Corporis” by MissAnnThropic. In this episode we see what happens when the school is attacked. We find that Snape is a woman, Sprout is a Mamma Badger and Ron actually grows up. We start the night wondering if Voldie is a virgin, talk about an upcoming “3 Book Set” and think Scott is spying on us. As we close out this series we get a very important tip from Mr. Weasley, “Don’t shag in front of the fireplace.” We have enjoyed our reading and discussion of Vox Corporis, we hope you have too. There are a couple of comments by MissAnnThropic at the end of the podcast, so be sure you stay tuned. Once again we earn our explicit tag on this one.

Also in the podcast:

~Smut lockdown
~There’s a line…
~Hi Tricia
~Sirius a jokester
~Peter: King of the One Liners
~Don’t eat me
~This ends today
~Harry has an Ace Card
~Hogwarts CSI
~Snow Pee
~Christmas Battle
~Feed the panther

Hosts: Sue, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Deth, Kat
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’17’43


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