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Episode 171: Not the Sue, Kat and Deth Show

Last time we left off with Dumbledore’s arrival during Christmas to tell Harry the Dursley’s had been attacked. Tonight we find out what happens next in “Vox Corporis” by MissAnnThropic. Tricia joins the crew tonight with stories about running and the “Gingerbread Man.” It’s not what you think. We start rumors of a baby for Deth, Jen drops by and Sue’s got a fire story. Deth gives Tricia a recap of Vox to bring her up to speed. We find out Harry has a special gift for Hermione, Oliver shows up for Christmas and Draco corners Hermione to his detriment. We are a bunch of giggling teenagers when it comes to sex. We end tonight on another cliff hanger, but it’s the last one, I promise. Also, Sue’s wind chimes are a nice background for the podcast.

Also in the podcast:

~Kid language
~Face Time
~Disowned: Best Gift Ever!
~Didja Do It?
~Willie Wrappers
~Pissed Off Panther
~There’s trouble!

Hosts: Sue, Tricia
Guest Hosts: Deth, Kat
Special Guests: Jen, Lee
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’31’33


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