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Episodes 131 and 132: Don’t Cross the Streams, Dementor Kennel and Kelly’s Hot

In this double episode of “Points of No Return” by Night Zephyr, we are covering chapters 22 to 29. We welcome you to TrainCast and talk about Tricia almost getting onto Platform 9 3/4s. She’s also pocasting from a tunnel, a seer and can’t eat fake sugar. Then we find out that Sue’s a slob, sitting in the dark and then MIA. We don’t know what’s happening with everyone else but we think they were there. Oh yes, they were around for the discussion of rat breeding.

Please enjoy the various Movie and TV clips that abound in this podcast.

Also in this episode:
~Tricia’s not drunk
~No wands
~How do you Kill Dementors?
~Ron’s shirt to the rescue
~Mutton, mutton, mutton
~Sickening sweet
~Off Topic
~It’s Ryan!

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia, Abby
Editor: Sue
Time: 3’15’29


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