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Episode 125: Harry, Son of Prongs; Teddy, Son of Moony.

This is our third episode dedicated to “Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard” by FernWithy. In it we find out that Oliversgal is a Mary Sue and a fan girl, Aaron’s true feelings for Robert and that Sue has killer chickens. Oliversgal, has glasses that insist on hitting the microphone as she talks and Aaron is typing throughout, but he doesn’t fall asleep. Scott’s neighbors have strange mowing habits, while Kelly’s mute button almost works. We forget we aren’t Peons anymore and bring some of our favorite Peon moments back for all to enjoy.

We have a some burning questions: What house is Jo in? What do you do for Christmas? and Who do you feed to a dementor?

Sue pulled out most of her hair while editing this and it’s still a little rough, so hang in there.

Also in this episode:
~We discuss our first time…
~Sue learned from Ryan
~Sue can’t do math
~Aaron wants Muggles and Minions
~Used wands
~OG and Scott share a brain
~What Kelly loves
~There’s no snoring in Podcasting
~Same Teddy Time, Same Teddy Channel
~Happy 4th of July!!!

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Oliversgal, Aaron
Editor: Sue


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