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Special Edition 17 – The Longest Story Ever Told

And we’re back!

Special Edition 17 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Poufwa has always been about pushing the envelope, and we’ve done it again. Tonight, we offer a twelve hour podcast that is easily the longest non-live podcast in the history of the Harry Potter fandom, and possibly the in the history of the world.

The second season of PotterFicWeekly represents sixteen months in the lives of our community, our podcast production, and most importantly each other. We are united because we love the universe of Harry Potter so much that we can’t stand the prospect of it ending, and through that common bond share laughter and friendship.

But as proud Poufwanians, the entire process is kicked into overdrive. We laugh so hard we need our inhalers, which promptly burst in our hands. We jab ourselves with EpiPens to prevent unwanted death, but hit veins and require emergency medical transportation. Our ambulances are delayed due to herds of goats clogging the highway, themselves fleeing from an approaching lightning storm. Sadly, all we probably needed was some vicodin.

From Kezza’s peanut butter railway to Classic Jen’s winter-induced lesbianism…

From drunk Jen2’s notes to the conversion of PS to the dark side…

From the attempted assassination of Rinna by cat to Mike’s fascination with rising coastal waters…

From the entrepreneur who wanted to buy my bed to whatever Chi was on during the Smutgiving podcast…

…we dedicate this episode to the Poufwanian community, and the lifelong relationships it has created.

But most importantly, we dedicate this episode…to Susan Bones!

The full podast is 340 megabytes. In the event you have storage or connection issues, the episode is also available in two installments below.

Next week, the third season of Poufwa launches with our three-part coverage of Rinna’s selection for the podcast, Harry Potter and the Power of Truth and Harry Potter and the Power of Faith, by CreativeQuill.

What if the magical world DID exist? What if Harry Potter and the major characters from the books were real, and there was a very real threat looming from the magical world?

It is also my great pleasure to announce the debut of PeonCast: The Next Generation in our third season! Sue, Kismatt, Kayla, Scott, Mslupin, and Cody – together with their own peons – will pick up the baton from their ancestors and deliver weekly coverage of one-shots and short novel length fics, beginning next week with discussion of In the Beginning, by CreativeQuill!

Happy listening!


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