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Episode 239: Because the Scar Said So

Today we bring you the first episode of “Oh God Not Again” by Sarah1281. We begin by telling you that this is a parody, it’s not suppose to be taken seriously. Apparently people don’t read the summary and don’t understand this.
In the story, we find that Harry has gone back in time, so he knows what is going to happen. He plays this knowledge off on his scar. Neville is part of the core group, but he doesn’t know how to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. This is a fun story that will make you laugh as long as you don’t take it too seriously. We hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Harry Potter
The Quiz
Sue’s a bad podcaster
Back to square one
Don’t say the name
Snarky Harry
Who’s your Daddy?
Rita tells the truth
Wrong, very, very wrong
Witch or Squib?
My Scar told me
Twins anamagus forms?
You are my friend
Do they think I’m crazy
Tell a teacher
I don’t want to adult

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 1’48’21


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