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Episode 237: We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

We are nearing the end of our coverage “To Shape and Change” by Blueowl. In this episode Tricia’s son is in trouble, Moony is lost and Scott’s in a play. Sue’s cat wants to be part of the podcast, so he lets himself in and then makes all sorts of noise. Darn cat! In the story, Snape is cool under pressure, Harry remembers his library book and Sirius just doesn’t understand. Snape has a No Good, Very Bad Week, but then so does Voldy. We hope you are enjoying this story as much as we are.
Also in this podcast:

Sweet justice
Amazed and appalled
Sue has a reputation
Gardening in stilettos
Waterfall of lemon drops
Binns retired

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host Moony
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2’10’54


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