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Episode 235: Tom Hanks Pees a Lot- Nobody Needs to See That

It’s the third installment of “To Shape and Change” by Blueowl. In this episode, you’ll discover just how far behind we are in releasing these- Ella was still known as Olaffa then. Tangent, yes, but this episode has more tangents than classic Poufwa. In the moments where the fic is actually discussed, Harry gets a house elf, Snape is scary this year, and Harry is over worked and underpaid. We also discover wizards come up with cruel names for house elves.

Also in this podcast:
Evil Hufflepuffs* the editor has accepted Tricia’s fic challenge
5 points to whoever can name all movies in which Tom Hanks pees.
“Professor Snape, do I own a slave?”
How do wizards make money?
Transfigured clothing is a bad idea
PS doesn’t want to be pregnant with puppies.
Cooking steak with Scott
Tricia’s a werewolf
The osteoporosis curse
Snape knows too much

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host PS
Editor: Cora
Total runtime: 2’02’06


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