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Episode 233: Tricia Falls for Her New Place

We begin a new story this week, it’s “To Shape and Change” by Blueowl. We find Snape has traveled back in time to try and shape Harry into the greatest wizard he can be. This Snape has seen what happens in the future and that Harry isn’t his father, it changes him in a good way. Along the way we find that Tricia has a new place, Sue has a new kitten and Scott is doing a musical. We hope you read along with us as we find out just how much Snape can Shape and Change.

Also in this podcast:

Tricia is Scott
New apt. New Job
Sue’s a slug
Back to school potions sale
No streaming during podcasting
Patient Snape
Let the fart jokes begin
The Godfather question
GPS tracker
Boosting Neville
Pretty snake
DD teaches the DA
A life debt

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 1’58’32


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