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Episode 226: Just Like Cinderella!!

As we bring you the end of “Lesson For Life” by Caitlyn, we hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did. Tricia is known for her “aww puke” comments when it gets too fluffy, but this one squeaks by without a puke in sight. We do get a snort though! Scott and Sue had both been traveling in the weeks before we recorded, so you’ll get some highlights from our trips. Melinda’s boat may come up. In the story, Draco has been defeated, so it’s on to the fairy tale ending complete with a forest and brook growing in Percy’s office. And wouldn’t you know it, the baby’s hair isn’t the right color.

We’d like to extend our Congratulations to Oliversgal on her engagement and wish her a Happy Birthday, even though it was several months ago when this was recorded. Happy Wedding OG!!

Also in this episode:

Don’t spoil Scott
Stand By Me
Bleeding Sue
Critical Role
Bad Kitty
Arse vs Ass
Orange jump suit
Hairy Monsters
You grow up
Free room and board
Go to Paris
Deck the brother
We kidnapped Melinda
Reindeer food
“A Reasonable Hour”
Cover the dragon’s ears
A whole new side of Tricia
Let’s get hitched
You don’t want to do that with Sirius.
Personal pies
Weasley’s are piling up
My friend the Sand Gnome

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Total Runtime: 1’57’05


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