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Episode 221: Never Tickle a Sleeping JK Rowling

In our second to last installment of  “The Accidental Animagus” by White Squirrel we find that we should respect teachers, even Snape.  Harry and Hermione get an Order of Merlin, but Ron just doesn’t make the cut.  We call for fan art of Sirius in a Santa suit and learn about gun safety.  In the meantime the hosts are googling, being vindictive and using disaster as a verb.  Sue’s super mic is picking up people talking in her yard.  We have one more episode left and an author interview.  Stay tuned.

If you are a forum member you might want to check in in the next few days, we have an important announcement coming.  It’s a girl. 

And Happy Halloween.

Also in this episode:

Scarlett all growed up
Wear a helmet
Zombie Sue
Poufwa meet ups.
Blame Fudge
The Cat’s out of the Bag
Remus’s furry little problem
Don’t get caught
Kitchen slumber party
Professional help
Quality not quantity
Scarlett is vindictive
Draco outraged
My father will hear about this.
I’m only 11

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Scarlett
Editor: Sue
Total Runtime: 1’37’17.


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