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Episode 217: Poufwa, Off Topic? No! Never!!

We begin our coverage of “The Accidental Animagus” by White Squirrel. In this story Harry has an unusual way to escape the Dursley’s. Hermione takes after her Mom and Dumbledore is a social worker. We talk kitties, both at home and in the story. Tricia is the only T and Sue brings vomit to the podcast. The hosts talk about what they did in Elementary School. And the kids learn to defend themselves. And with this story we go back to a longer podcast.

Also in the podcast:

Kitty acne
Crazy Kitty
Kiss that mic
No Harry
Cute Little Hermione
He’s a cat
Go to your room
Follow up visits?
Can you come back tomorrow?
Tricia’s running
Interesting wardrobe
More questions
Muggle Martial Arts
He’ll be my brother
Recess monitor
Naked paramedics tonight on AMC
Encyclopeda Poufwania
The points don’t matter.
Being responsible
He’s Santa Claus
Ball of yarn
Too many hats

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: Scarlett
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2’16’39


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